Blueprinting is a methodology that is based on analyzing, visualizing and presenting a map of services. It serves to see the evolution of a process or the provision of services through a flow chart. As a final result we will obtain a diagram where the activities of the process are chronologically represented on a horizontal axis. Depending on the proximity […]

Today we will try to give a small guide to the development of Value Chain Mapping, Value Stream Mapping or VSM within our organizations. The philosophy of this technique is to analyze the process in detail to reach the maximum knowledge of it and to see where our process is failing or can simply improve, with this we will achieve […]

It emerges as a project management methodology, helping guide these and focusing on a creative design by creating a canvas project to work on. In this way Canvas allows us to draw as our project would be in a series of steps that define in an agile way through the intervention of all stakeholders involved, reducing the TTM and improving […]

The word “Kanban” refers to the labels that are put in the products to identify them during the manufacturing processes and during their transportation; however Kanban metogology includes much more concepts that we are going to explain now. Kanban methodology is focused on creating a production system more effective and efficient, focusing mainly in the production and logistic activities when […]

What is a checklist? Checklists, Control Lists or Verification Lists are formats designed to perform repetitive activities, to verify a list of requirements or to collect data in an orderly and systematic manner. They are used to make systematic checks of activities or products ensuring that the worker or inspector does not forget anything important.   The main uses of […]

The role of quality loss function, commonly called Taguchi loss function (by its creator Genichi Taguchi, in the second half of the twentieth century), is a calculation tool used in engineering and quality control. This tool is used to evaluate the “quality loss” on a project, product or service with respect to its optimal quality level. The main goal of […]

ABC Analysis is a simple way to classify items (products, files, folders or anything) used when we want to optimize the layout of our inventory or warehouse. This methodology is generally used in logistic companies and stores to classify any kind of stock. Its purpose is to organize the stock products to reduce the time that the workers are going to […]

What is Poka Yoke? Poka-Yoke is a methodology created in Japan which means “fool-proof”. Its purpose is to prevent or avoid mistakes that can be caused by humans or by machines during their activities. Poka Yoke can be also implemented to facilitate errors detection. If we focus in manufacturing operations, which can be assemblies or other simple but repetitive activities, […]

The Gantt Chart is the most widely method used in business planning of activities on all kinds of projects, besides it can also be used to plan any type of activity over time. The method consists in a horizontal time shaft, and under it you have to put the activities that you want to track. A project is a group […]

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