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Much is said about the customer experience in enterprise environments, but ¿really good management of this new power to improve the relationship with the client is seeking?, Companies do their work in the best of forms and giving the best possible deal, this deal is remembered? The human brain is an organ with a discriminatory storage capacity and record of […]

What is IQNet? IQNet is an international certification entity, formed by more than 30 of the most relevant certification entities of the most important countries. Some certification entities involved in IQNet are the following: AENOR (Spain), AFNOR (France), AIB (Belgium), ANCE, IMNC (Mexico), APCER (Portugal), CCC, CSIQ (Italy), CQC (China), CQS (Czech Republic), Cro Cert (Crocacia), DQS (Germany), DS (Denmark) […]

The PDCA cycle is the most used methodology to implement a continuous improvement system in a company or organization. In this article, we are going to explain to you what it represents, how it works and what is the relationship with the PDCA Cycle and some ISO standards, as ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems, in which is mentioned as […]

Today we would like to introduce you a new website: This site, “The best places to visit in Spain” is a new project in which we are working to create a guide written in English, where people who want to visit Spain will be able to find all the information about what to visit in the most important Spanish […]

The word “Kanban” refers to the labels that are put in the products to identify them during the manufacturing processes and during their transportation; however Kanban metogology includes much more concepts that we are going to explain now. Kanban methodology is focused on creating a production system more effective and efficient, focusing mainly in the production and logistic activities when […]

What is a checklist? Checklists, Control Lists or Verification Lists are formats designed to perform repetitive activities, to verify a list of requirements or to collect data in an orderly and systematic manner. They are used to make systematic checks of activities or products ensuring that the worker or inspector does not forget anything important.   The main uses of […]

What is 8D? Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving The 8 disciplines to solve problems is a tool methodology focused in give us eigth generic steps to identify and solve most of the relevant problems that can occur more frequently in companies. 8D proposes eigth sequential steps that we should follow to solve successfully any problem. This method is also called Troubleshooting […]

The role of quality loss function, commonly called Taguchi loss function (by its creator Genichi Taguchi, in the second half of the twentieth century), is a calculation tool used in engineering and quality control. This tool is used to evaluate the “quality loss” on a project, product or service with respect to its optimal quality level. The main goal of […]

The Japanese model developed by Noriaki Kano consists on study the features that we are going to add during to our product during its development. The poit is to think in obtain customer satisfaction without adding features that do not add value. The Kano characteristics Kano proposes to classify the consumer preferences into several categories according to these aspects: – […]

Servqual model developed by Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry in the 80s comes as a facilitator to measure, evaluate and manage quality analysis of services and has also been named as a method of analysis of the deficiencies in service from the process to improve the service provided. According Servqual gives a quality measure based on a facilitators or service quality […]

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