What is quality? Lean Thinking

Recently my company has been certified in ISO 9001, that Standard that says that a company is as ineffective in its processes, and it is wonderful in the news of internal communication, in some association of quality and hung on the wall, but the Reflection that I pose myself, is, what is quality? What do we mean by quality? Why does a company work so well?

Quality is not a role, quality is not something that is said, quality is not for a day, if you believe that is really wrong, you are going astray.

Quality is a way of life, a culture of work and a philosophy of understanding the operative.

There have been great quality gurus, thanks to them the quality is where it is, but as it says, whenever it is looking for continuous improvement everything has to evolve. We are at a time where innovation at all levels is the key to new successes, new challenges, new failures and undoubtedly new illusions that will make you bigger and wiser.

The quality, apart from the paper that you can have hanging in the department, is something that is breathed, and that the whole company must breathe and know well. Personally, in this sense, I am constantly striving to show the intrinsic benefits of good quality management, that all people know what we work for, what we work for and give merit to the people who deserve it.

What we have ever seen written Lean Thinking, is the reality that is slowly taking root in companies, many of them do not give as much value to a certification as to the fact of doing things right.hdhd

Things to , process improvement, people involvement, project implementation, the set of all activities are what creates the core of quality. The core of the company. Quality is NOT expensive, we have to forget that quality is expensive, implementing the different methodologies we have is a wonderful challenge that makes quality an exciting world to live with.

I encourage everyone to make quality and forget certificates.

Make Lean Thinking!