Emotional memory: Customer Experience

Much is said about the customer experience in enterprise environments, but ¿really good management of this new power to improve the relationship with the client is seeking?, Companies do their work in the best of forms and giving the best possible deal, this deal is remembered?

The human brain is an organ with a discriminatory storage capacity and record of immense emotions, so when interacting with customers is very important to keep a memorable souvenir of our company.

In the business world the term now used to reach WOW achieve a degree of emotional surprise with the highest customer, this will mean the difference between a good and bad memories, to recommend your brand, whether by necessity have to unsubscribe your company is the first to ask deals, which reach more than a give what the customer needs and longer.

Let’s go to real examples, an American family decided to take a trip to the beach and stay at the Ritz-Carlton hotel for a week, the experience was terrific with an exquisite, perfect, but it was not where I highlight the relationship the hotel has with its customers, in this case, and after spending family holidays got home and the younger children had not realized that his favorite stuffed animal, a giraffe called Joshie, realizing that he had not his favorite stuffed the child began to mourn, the parents called the hotel to ask if Teddy was at its facilities. The answer was no, not the whereabouts of Joshie known. Within a week, the family received a call Customer Service at the Ritz, they had found the bear in the laundry, after a few days I get a package to the family home, there was Joshie, but not only that also it included some pictures where it seemed that the giraffe had spent his own vacation, from this original way the Ritz managed to capture fond memories for parents and a positive, almost convinced I would comment on the experience for the baby of the house Joshie magnificent vacation on the beach with his classmates. All in all a very positive experience against something that appears not as significant and an unpleasant memory for the baby of the house, again positive emotional reinforcement.


Since science is very clear that the emotional memory marks a clear difference on their experiences, a business to mistreat a client or management has been delayed and has had a bad result is recorded in the client’s memory, thus becoming someone completely the enemy to our brand. A client may leave the company but not for bad service.

Going a little further on emotional memory, a great story between mother and child, she suffered from Alzehimer and he was devoted to caring for her mother, created routines for her to have a mental planning, the question How do you take your daily life? – He replied – “For me the two key tools are cognitive stimulation and love” – ​​little more to add, we talk about the great story of Paul A. Barredo and mother. They are the two words that any company should devote its customers cognitive stimulation and love. Strengthen the bond of the most unexpected way makes exponentially increase the possibility of generating a positive memory of our brand.

How do you manage to surprise the customers?

Everyone is different, every customer has needs at all times and they will contact us for help in everything that is related to our brand, often do not seek anything but a simple solution without any frills, but are accompanied and we are able to understand their situation. And we recommend solve the problem for you have at hand but also find an innovative way to strengthen the relationship. Maybe not now but later, just by the fact of asking him if he was satisfied with the care provided in a disinterested way, just to know if after the resolution is all to your liking, capture the customer’s attention since we talk about people. Customers usually do not expect a second contact of the company confirming the excellence of the brand, here it is where we can make positive reinforcement.


Depending on the sector to which your brand engages you be able to create this positive experience to your customers, only seeks the right time and remember that every client is unique with its peculiarities, to everyone’s problems do not affect them equally, so we are breaking protocols in cases where necessary.