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Guidelines for people

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Guidelines for companies

· How to create your company policy: Definitions, requirements and types of policies

· How to solve relevant problems (8D methodology): The 8 disciplines to solve problems is  focused in give us generic steps to identify and solve most of the relevant problems that can occur in any company.

Management tools

· Pokayoke: Poka-Yoke is a methodology created in Japan which means “fool-proof”

· Gantt chart: The most widely method used in business planning of activities on all kinds of projects.

· Quality Function Deployment (QFD): A method used in design and quality to create products that suit the desires and needs of the customer.

· Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA): One of the most used methods in Quality Engineering to detect and solve potential failures in the development of a product or service.

· ABC Analysis: How to optimize your stock in warehouses.

· Control Chart: Used to track the production processes and identify potential failures.

· Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA): One of the most common tools in Quality Engineering to detect and solve potential failures in the development of a new product or service.

· McKinsey 7S: Model that identifies the seven basic factors which have to be present in any organization.

· Servqual model: A way to measure, evaluate and manage quality analysis of services.

· Kano Analysis: How to study the features that we are going to add during to our product during its development. The poit is to think in obtain customer satisfaction without adding features that do not add value.

· Taguchi loss function: This tool is used to evaluate the “quality loss” on a project, product or service with respect to its optimal quality level.

 · Checklist: Formats designed to perform repetitive activities, to verify a list of requirements or to collect data.


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